Malawi Newsletter, August, 2016

Malawi Newsletter August 2016 Well, we worked as fast and hard as we could within our new time constraints. Tried to teach our staff how to use the equipment with daily lessons. They managed to fail every test. Doesn’t build my confidence much! Joseph has written to tell me he is practicing every day on the computer in order to take the pictures from his “new” camera, put them on the computer, transfer them to his phone and then send them via e-mail to me. I got my first batch today. Looks like I will have to remind him how to take the pictures without blurring them. We must keep in mind that Malawi in the rural areas is about 100 years behind the USA in technology so we can’t expect excellence right away. I haven’t heard from Austin yet how he is coming in using the computerized copy machine. Yep, he failed every test too! There just wasn’t enough time to accomplish everything. We called off this year’s classes so that we could train but it still didn’t give us enough time. On the other hand, Flo’s teachers held their training classes without a hitch. (Just showing me up I think). Apparently some kind of disease has hit the countries trees, especially blue gum trees. The government is suggesting that everyone cut down the trees to keep them from the children. I didn’t know that tree disease could be passed on to humans. Learn something new every day. Our mission is almost exclusively populated with blue gum trees. That could make us very vulnerable during rainy season. The mission is situated on the side of a mountain and all the crops would be subject to slides due to excessive water falling with no trees to help keep the soil intact. The World Bible School held their yearly tent meetings utilizing their “Gospel Chariot”. I’ll try to include a picture in this newsflash. (Hardly a newsletter). They got another large Momba, (snake), which had sneaked into the garage for shelter. (Or more likely looking for food. Lots of mice in the area). If anything of note happens I’ll send it along. Here are a couple of pictures to round out this
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