1. To encourage and edify the church throughout Malawi
2. To provide religious education to the populace
1. Conducting of classes at the Lubagha Mission
2. On-site campus of the Lubagha Bible Institute offered
3. Mentoring program offered to women so that they may teach other
    women of the community
4. Provision of recipes and nutrition education to help prolong lifespans
5. Correspondence courses offered to reach those living in outlying
6. Establishment of personal relationships between the missionaries
    and the people
7. Provision of minor medical treatment and transportation to hospitals
    for those with more serious issues
8. Provision of translated Bibles and other religious teaching materials
For more details about this important mission, see below.

Malawi Mission Work  LubaghaMissionChurch


Our mission aim is two fold. First to encourage and edify the church throughout Malawi. This is done by conducting classes at the Lubagha Mission. One set of classes are geared toward providing traveling evangelists with material to teach and distribute amongst the Christians that they have extensive contact with. The other is through offering an on-site campus of the Lubagha Bible Institute. We teach and offer degrees in Bible Theology and Religious Education in addition to the University credit hours which are already recognized in Africa and the USA. Flo also teaches the women of Malawi how to teach other women and children and her trained teachers are in demand all over Malawi. We have been involved in producing a series of recipes and then going out and teaching the women how to cook nutritional food for their families. This is 
a huge effort because they have hundreds of years of traditional cooking which must be changed in order to increase the lifespan of the nation which now stands at 37 years. We have developed a series of correspondence courses which are given out at schools in the area. It takes the place of WBS courses which involve time and postage. Our courses are handed out, graded and hand delivered to the students by our outreach worker. When it is time for a baptism, they already know the person baptizing them and have established a rapport with him. In addition we are putting a series of morality courses called Adventures in Life Development, built around Biblical teaching, into the public school systems of Malawi. We involve ourselves into the community with treating minor medical complaints and taking the more serious to the hospital.  We have obtained through the generosity of
 Tom Rich and Richard Stephens, a tractor developed especially for Malawi. This tractor not only tills the ground but waters the plants. And finally, we are putting copies of the Study New Testament into the hands of willing students. This is our current fund raising goal. At a total cost of three dollars ($3) we can print and ship to Malawi, from South Africa, a complete N.T. with a beautiful hard cover. This N.T. also contains a New Testament background, Chronology of the Life of Jesus, Monies, weights and measurements, the Jewish Calendar, a Practical study guide of first principles, a section on the New Testament church and the complete N.T. All for $3 including shipping costs. I hope this short synopsis will be an encouragement to you all to contribute towards this tremendous undertaking.
Just to keep everyone appraised of the comings and goings at Lubagha Mission in Malawi…
    We have made new arrangements for sending salaries to Malawi that seems to be beneficial in the exchange rates for us.  We had to drop Western Union because their “compliance department” became altogether too inquisitive about our business, asking questions like what is the church’s tax number, etc.  It seems you can no longer walk into a Western Union office and just send your money to anyone. I ignored their telephone calls several times and they put a hold on money I sent. When they started questioning me about personal items I told them to return my money and I was through with Western Union.  Our bank transfers are going very well although it does take two weeks to complete the journey. (It almost takes that amount of time just to complete the paperwork).
    As far as the mission goes, it is going very well. I keep in constant touch with my staff. They are getting ready for the new school year and we have several new students signed up. I keep track of their test scores and assign them id numbers from here in the USA. We do keep busy writing material for Flo’s classes and the Bible Institute electives.
    The rains are coming very well this year as opposed to the past 3 years and therefore we are gaining a good crop of maize for the school. As you are aware we utilize the excess maize to sell at a cheap price, that in turn gets us the seed and fertilizer for next years crop. We obtained a very good reputation during the 3 year famine for giving out bags of maize to the needy and selling maize to those who could afford to buy it. This was only possible because of the generous donations of caring Christians.  Thank you all you have not only saved numerous lives but have given Lubagha Mission a good name in the area.
    Since we stopped putting numbers in such a priority mode for determining the growth of the church; the preachers have not been giving numbers to us. Hmmm, I may have to rethink this? I know the work has not stopped because I get monthly reports of what is going on. There are many seminars being conducted for both converts and teachers. We tend to take Matthew 28:18-20 very seriously in Malawi. We even have folks come in with the “gospel chariot” and conduct tent meetings in the area.
    This past year we gave out over 100 girls dresses that were made and donated by both members of the church and a quilting group that tried their hand at making dresses for us. The grins on the faces of the girls made it all worthwhile. In most cases those dresses are the only “Sunday” clothes they own. One dress is the usual wardrobe of these school kids. One group of friends all wanted the same color dress to wear and we were able to accomodate them, to much whooping and hollering.
    We finally got the men to take our broken diesel generator to Mzuzu and I had to send over some money for repair and parts. We will see how that works out! I know Flo won’t return to Malawi without it. Washing and wringing out clothes by hand was a great burden on her. The old gal aint what she used to be, (we just celebrated 56 years of marriage).
    I am trying to find a work-around for my mission workers salaries. They are complaining of the cost of living increases. If I increase their salaries it also increases the retirement amounts. So, I am hoping to be able to give them a monetary bonus in lieu of the salary raise. If you would like to help me help them you know what to do. (Retirement in Malawi requires 1 week salary X first 5 years, 2 Weeks for next 5 years, three weeks Next 5 years and 1 months salary times all over 15 years. So the base salary is very important!)
    Well, if I think of anything else that is happening I will update the web site again.
    Follow us on
http://www.53avecofc.org/ and click on mission work, Malawi mission work and scroll down to the latest newsletter.  We love you all and appreciate so much your continued donations to the effort to Evangelize Malawi.
Bob & Flo Calderwood
bob.malawi@gmail.com  or
P.S. checks should be made out to 53rd Ave church of Christ and memo to Malawi Fund