Meet Our Staff:

            Lon Schindler, Preaching Minister


Lon Schindler graduated from Preston Road School of Preaching, Dallas, TX, in 1978.  He has preached in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas, and now the beautiful state of Florida as well.  Lon has always placed a strong emphasis on personal evangelism and church growth.  Lon joined the ministerial staff at the 53rd Avenue church of Christ in February, 2014.
If you would like to contact Lon, you can e-mail him at or call him at 972-832-5323.

imageedit_1_2856778908  Brandon Harriman, Youth Minister


Brandon Harriman is a 2011 graduate of Harding University. He and his wife Annette met, married, and moved to Florida to pursue her career in Dentistry. Brandon has a passion to encourage a deeper understanding of God and His love for youth, and help them develop a relationship with Him. Brandon joined the ministerial staff at 53rd Avenue Church of Christ on      June 1st, 2014.

If you would like to contact Brandon, you can e-mail him at or you may call him at 256-227-9876.

  Melanie Duckett, Church Secretary

Mel can be reached by email at office at, or by telephone at the church office at 941-753-4153.
Bob and Flo Calderwood, Malawi Missionaries 



Bob and Flo are our resident missionaries to Malawi, Africa.  Bob works diligently with the Lubagha Bible Institute, helping to train future preachers.  Bob can be reached at