Small Groups

In lieu of Sunday evening service, we have chosen as a body to participate in small group fellowships.  These meetings take place in member’s homes rather than at the building.  We find that most people enjoy the relaxed setting and also relish the opportunity to connect with others in their group on a deeper and more personal level.  Below, you will find more information about specific small groups.  If you have a general question about small group ministries, please talk with one of our ministers or make contact with Jim Shilling who currently oversees the small group program by calling (941) 753-4153.
All small groups will  meet the 2nd Sunday of each month with the devotional tied directly to one of our minister’s sermons. Groups may also decide to meet more than once a month.

East Bradenton Groups:

Blankinship Group- This group’s participants represent people of all ages from late teens to retirement.  They welcome families, and would love to meet with yours!  The Blankinship group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month in one of the member’s homes.  They share an interactive Bible study and a simple potluck style meal as well- or whatever the host family decides. 
The Middlers Group- The Middlers small group meets once a month in the 2-story house next to the church office.  This group shares a potluck-style meal every time they meet. This group has a broad representation of ages from the 40’s to late 70’s.

Bradenton Small Group:

McRoberts Group– This group meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at the home of Dani & Ryan McRoberts. They welcome families with children and is mostly made up of young adults. Please come and join us!

Southwest Bradenton Group:

Allen Group-This group meets each second Sunday of the month at Jim & June Allen’s home.  Typically Jim Allen leads the group discussion, but others take part in leadership from time-to-time as well. This group is made up of folks varying in age from the late 40s through those in their 80s.  This group begins with a Bible study at 6pm, and follows with a time of fellowship that includes finger foods, and refreshments.  All are invited to join!

Sarasota Groups:

Herring Group- This small group meets on the second Sunday of the month at 5:30pm.  It is made up mostly of those members who reside in Sarasota County, although anyone is welcome to attend.  We attract and welcome singles, young families, empty nesters and beyond.  We have a short Bible-based devotional talk, usually followed by a meal that is provided by the host home with other members of the group chipping in as well. We encourage our members to bring friends and are always open to new-comers

Parrish/Palmetto Group:

Fieber Group – This small group meets at the Duckett/DeVito homes at 5:00pm. Paul Fieber leads this group. The group starts with a lesson and concludes with fellowship that includes finger foods. 
For more information regarding any of these groups, contact the church at (941) 753-4153