Here at 53rd Avenue Church of Christ, we value young people and their contributions to society. We want them to become good community members and better Christians. Our youth minister helps guide middle and high school-age kids on their spiritual journey through class instruction on Sunday mornings, once-a-week devotionals, and special events throughout the year such as ‘Winterfest’ in Gatlinburg, TN (February), ‘SonQuest’  in Orlando (Labor Day weekend), and mission trips. Once per month, the youth take on roles during the regular worship service to demonstrate the strength of their faith to the older members as well as to set a good example to those who are younger and who will someday seek to serve in their own right.
Our Youth Annex building has been recently renovated and refreshed in order to provide a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe environment for young people to gather in fellowship and to learn more about God’s teachings.
If you are looking for a ‘church home’ that will provide for your middle and/or high school child, we invite you to visit us.

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